August 26th

The presentation of the results so far and the conditions in which the Safe House in Nis has been functioning has marked the five-year existence of this institution for the protection of victims of domestic violence. The ceremony was also attended by the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic who had the opportunity to see on the spot the engagement of employees in the Safe House, which, in five years, turned out to be a well-organized institution.

Since the beginning of this year, to date, 43 women have asked for assistance and accommodation in the Nis Safe House, which is more than during the entire previous year. 10% of the total number of women who went through this institution is older than 60 who are suffering violence from their children. Therefore, the Safe House in Nis, in cooperation with relevant institutions, will launch educational forums for the empowerment of women and the elderly to report perpetrators.

Alcoholism, pathological jealousy and poor communication are some of the causes that lead to violence in partner relationships, according to the latest research results conducted by the Safe House in Nis. Women who have survived family violence remain in the Safe House for a maximum of four months, and at that time, professional officials help them to become independent, so as not to return to the perpetrators. An important message for all who endure family violence is to recognize it first and not to be afraid of decisions to report it or resist it. It is still necessary to work on educating young people, because they are the ones who will marry tomorrow and educate their children who can influence changing the wrong attitudes about family violence.

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