August 10th

International Jazz Festival is biggest in SouthEastern Europe, and for years festival is defending principles of Europian values and multiculturalism. The 22nd Nisville jazz festival that would be held August 11-14 was announced at the press conference today held at Nis City Hall. The festival will feature 110 performances by 660 artists on 11 stages.

On the behalf of the City of Nis, Deputy Mayor Prof. Milos Bandjur spoke at the press conference and said that Nisville was a prestigious musical event that gathered renowned musicians and admirers of this specific musical genre. Deputy Mayor Bandjur thanked numerous volunteers as Nis would be in the colors of jazz volunteers during this year’s Nisville Festival. Recognizable at every step, they will spread positive energy and give a great contribution to the successful organization of Nisville.

The influential British Guardian published on its site a list of the top 10 jazz festivals in Europe, sorted by the date of the festival, and the list included Nisville. “We are proud that a local music festival earned such a treatment in European music circles, “Deputy Mayor Bandjur said, adding that Nis citizens showed they liked to listen to jazz and that this was a festival of true lovers of the music.