August 1st

Almost thousands of passengers, relatives and friends, occupied Nis Airport today. The reason was very good news for all the people of Nis, as well as people from the surrounding area. Namely, from today, the Airline Wizzair will be flying to Memmingen, an airport near Munich and to the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Traditional water cannons and cakes with the sign of Wizzair and the City of Nis welcomed airplanes from Memmingen and Eindhoven that landed in Nis in the morning. The crews of the aircrafts were welcomed by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic with associates as well as the Nis Airport General Manager Vladica Djurdanovic.

“This is a joyful day for all Nis citizens because, with the new destinations, this airport becomes a real airport that can compete with other airports in the region,” said Mayor Bulatovic, and thanked Wizzair, the previous city leadership and everyone who contributed so that Nis Airport Constantine the Great could be fully revived. This is important for other cities and municipalities in the surrounding area, so I expect that we will work together with the management of these municipalities on further development of the airport in Nis to the mutual satisfaction,” said the Mayor Bulatovic.

It is expected that by introducing these two new lines, the number of passengers will increase to 100,000 passengers by the end of the year, and when the airline Ryanair starts flying from Nis this number shoul reach 125 000 which Is of great importance for the development of the city.

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