Regulating Nisava riverbed stretching from the railway bridge to the bridge in the settlement of Medosevac will provide new quay in the city but also the protection from floods. The investment is worth 320 million dinars, and implementation is expected in the next 16 months Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic with his associates visited the works together with the representatives of the two city municipalities – Palilula and Crveni Krst, that are separated by Nisava River. The city officials could see the progress of this project which is realized by PE Srbijavode which will provide the safety of the citizens of Nis from big floods and also another quay for strolling and spending leisure time. The Nisava River on this section will be fully tamed according to experts since a very complex and extensive regulation of the riverbed in the length of two kilometers has been done. It will prevent any river over flooding, even in the so-called millennial floods.

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