The working meeting was held with the Air Traffic Control of Serbia and Montenegro SMATSA at the Nis Airport on the occasion of the construction of the airport complex.
SMATSA presented the preliminary design of the tower based on which the urban project would be prepared for the construction of the Tower at the specified location of 2ha of land within Nis

Airport Complex. The meeting was attended by representatives of SMATSA, headed by the the director of air traffic Mr. Nenad Sakic, while the Nis City Delegation was led by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic.

“The city will fulfill its obligations regarding the settlement of property relations and plans related to the construction of the tower, and respective departments will finish the work in about 40 days,” said Mayor Bulatovic. Nis Airport Director Vladica Djurdjanovic said by building the new tower Nis Airport will be technically equipped to receive planes that, due to weather conditions, cannot land in Belgrade. “The value of works is about 4 million euros, and the funds will be allocated for this purpose by SMATSA. The planned deadline for completion is two years, “said Djurdjanović.

As a reminder, in January 2016 at the premises of the airport was realized a meeting at which he presented the adopted the Plan of detailed regulation for the Nis Airport Complex was presented in January 2016 with future tower location defining the plans and requirements for the tower construction.

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